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Dotti Shop started as a project in my little studio apartment in New York. I have always loved sewing, a skill that I learned from my grandma Dotti as a little girl, and have been making dresses ever since. After moving to New York a few years ago, I wanted to get back in touch with my passion for sewing again.  I started off by making dresses as gifts for my little nieces (which I now have 7 of!). I soon began making dresses for other friends and family and needed to start a website to keep up.  We are now fully manufactured using factories in both Brooklyn, New York and Salt Lake City, Utah. 

We’re a small startup, having been around since 2016, but we absolutely love what we do.  We’ve sold dresses across the country and have been so proud to develop our young, new following. Customer satisfaction is a number one priority for us, and we’re committed to not growing beyond being able to serve every customer the same as when the dresses were all original and handmade.

A great perk is that I’ve recently been able to bring a couple of my sisters on board as we’ve grown bigger. Little did I know, that all three of us were going to grow at the same time as our company.  We’ve each had a baby since joining the team, which has really helped to fuel our passion to keep developing amazing children’s clothing.  We’ve really embraced the concept of “working mom” at our company and love to see our family thrive as we watch our customer family thrive as well.


Something that we have learned through this journey is the importance of ethical, well-made, and natural clothing. We try our hardest to source our products using organic and sustainable fibers, which are gentle enough for every child. We are committed to continued growth of our brand and to find new ways to develop unique products.  We hope to always make playful clothing that is simple enough for everyday, but made with the quality of a timeless keepsake.


Dotti Shop Team    

The Team- Brynne Turville, Kate Barton, Lauren Ostler


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